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Best Gaming Laptop – Cyberpower PC Ultimate Review

cyberpowerpc gamer xtreme

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The CyberpowerPC Gamer Xtreme Gaming PC is the most powerful desktop replacement for any serious hardcore gamer. Equipped with advanced technology and a refined design, the gamer edition features a fully-customizable keyboard with complete control over five gaming keys and a full complement of gaming mice.

Along with a host of bundled software, the gamer edition gives you an abundance of opportunities for customization. With six unique preinstalled games and multiple user profiles, the CyberpowerPC Gamer Ultimate provides everything a hardcore gamer needs to enjoy endless hours of fun.

The CyberpowerPC Gamer Xtreme Gaming PC consists of a tower with a base that can be expanded via the use of a removable dual stick card. This motherboard expansion model is equipped with a PCI Express slot, a USB port and four more USB ports.

The included software bundle even includes a complete game recording software package, a personalized video codec and a complete media player. All these features are combined in a sleek and elegant body that is finished with a rich and dark wood finish. The included stand is designed to securely hold the included quad-core Intel processor, which also makes it perfect for an office or home entertainment PC set up.

The gaming computer has two expansion slots and one PCI Express slot. Unlike other models, the CyberpowerPC Gamer Xtreme Gaming PC comes with two solid state drives. An enhanced solid state drive allows you to store larger files and multiple operating systems with better speed and reliability. It also offers faster start-up times and improved power management for an optimized usage of your resources.

For ultimate performance, the cyberpowerPCG Gaming PC gaming keyboard and mouse are complimented with a precision mechanical design. A laser-induced laser (LID) scroll wheel for precise control of the keys and rapid fire rate increased accuracy of the mouse movement completes this classy addition.

The laser scroll wheel also works perfectly with the included optical mouse for enhanced precision and smooth operation. In addition, the on-screen keys have been perfectly weighted for excellent control and enhanced sensitivity for superior action gaming experience.

With the optimized sound card, the cyberpowerPCG Gaming PCG Ultimate adds the premium audio capabilities to deliver realistic audio effects for an unrivaled sound experience while playing your favorite online vr games. Three external rear speakers are included along with a subwoofer for supreme audio clarity.

With all the standard features of an upgraded gaming computer, the cyberpowerPCG Ultimate has superior audio output as well as headphone output for excellent hand-precision sound effects.

In order to provide you with the most efficient gaming experience, the cyberpowerPCG Ultimate also comes standard with four preset programmable keys for game-winning quick-actions. You can save up to 10 gaming profiles for each level and a new, challenging high score chart for each game.

And if you want an extra challenge, the gamerxtreme or headset can be attached to your personal computer for true surround sound quality. Along with the detailed specs of the integrated motherboard, the cyberpowerPCG Ultimate is loaded with future upgrades that make it a superior choice for your gaming needs.

With a staggering 7th Gen Intel Core i7 Processor, terabytes of DDR3 RAM, a massive 1 terabyte hard drive, an aggressive graphics card and three USB ports, the cyberpowerPCG Ultimate is designed to satisfy the needs of any serious gamer. With this impressive list of components, gamers will never have to settle for less from any other brand.

For even greater performance, the cyberpowerPCG Ultimate also features a trio of fans to cool the CPU and the graphics. With this processor, the cyberpowerPCG Ultimate will provide anywhere from eight to ten hours of gaming performance depending on the settings chosen. No matter what your ultimate PC gaming performance demands are, the cyberpowerPCG Ultimate will keep you satisfied and at the same time, you can test its capabilities by trying out the beta version of the software that comes standard with the system.

The cyberpowerPCG Ultimate is powerful enough to fulfill even the most demanding demands of any serious gamer, but it is not just about its power that it brings to the table. It also has several features and utilities that make it stand out above the rest of its gaming competitors.

This is the reason why the cyberpowerPCG Ultimate is more preferred than any other gaming laptops available in the market today. It can perform all of the tasks that a regular laptop can do, but it is also equipped with advanced technologies that give it the edge over other gaming laptops. With this, gamers can now enjoy their PC gaming experience in ways that they want, in ways that they can’t get from other brands that just don’t have the features that the cyberpowerPCG Ultimate offers.