corsair k55 rgb gaming keyboard how to change colors

Corsair K55 rgb Gaming Keyboard

corsair k55 rgb gaming keyboard

Topic : Corsair K55 rgb Gaming Keyboard

The Corsair K55 RGB gaming keyboard is an excellent choice for anyone serious about competitive gaming. The red and blue mice backlit keys offer high-performance and high-value visual experience. The high-performance backlit keys are extremely responsive to your every move.

The smooth, coordinated feel of the keys insures that every keystroke is delivered with firm pressure and every shift feels crisp. The extra-wide travel keys are easy to use for gamers who need extra support for their frequent keystrokes. The five extra buttons provide extra functionality for all gamers.

The K55 RGB gaming keyboard is your fist step towards increased performance. Stay one step ahead of your competition with 6 fully programmable hot-keys. Multi-button laser-sensitivity prevents accidental keypresses and maximizes multi-activity performance.

The dedicated media and volume controls ensure optimum control of all your media without disturbing the game.

The K55 RGB features one hundred percent full-size keys. With over twenty thousand keys to choose from, there’s no shortage of choices. The on-screen key guide offers detailed information about the various commands and functions present on the different keys.

The on-screen graphic representation of the function key displays what the key does in real-time. The on-screen key guide displays the functions for all the popular gaming platforms. All the numbers in the top right corner of the keyboard are useful to easily find which function is associated with which letter.

Pressing the Caps lock button will lock the keys in place. Pressing the Control key will toggle the function keys between popular gaming keys. Pressing Alt will toggle the alternate function keys. Pressing Control and A simultaneously will toggle the function keys in order.

High-performance Cherry MX mechanical key switches enhance the sensitivity of each key for extremely accurate and fast action. Ranging in resistance from fifty thousand to one hundred thousand strikes per second, the K55 RGB gaming keyboard operates at full-speed under any conditions.

Fully Programmable, the on-screen key mapping functions allows users to quickly change key assignments for optimal benefit from every use.

The large fully-scale programming menu allows you to instantly adjust to a wide range of settings and games. The high-performance programming memory allows the owner to save multiple configurations for various gaming environments.

High-quality components build up the K55 RGB gaming keyboard. Top of the line conductive key pads and full rubber feet ensure durability and long lasting performance.

High-definition DVI video outputs allow you to connect your keyboard to your television for the ultimate comfort and convenience. One hundred percent UV stabilized LED backlighting gives you bright, crisp images no matter what environment you’re working in.

Built to meet all professional standards, the K55 RGB is designed to work with a range of common computer operating systems. It’s easy to connect and operate thanks to fully customizable cable connectors.

The fully programmable main system is complimented with a comprehensive user manual. The complete keyboard has an easy to read textured surface and sleek overall design. The on-screen software menu is easy to navigate through and includes extensive information about the included models.

The on-screen menu will also list all of the included software applications and their specifics.

The software is easily accessed and will allow you to easily configure all of the necessary controls for optimal performance. The complete keyboard has a complete range of function keys and can be customized to perform any task you may need.

The on-screen menu will also provide you with useful information regarding the model and its many features.

A benefit of the on-screen instructions is that they walk you through every step necessary to easily perform all of the functions. No need to worry about having to fiddle around with the complicated on-screen instructions as everything can be quickly mastered.

Experience ultimate performance with the Corsair K55 RGB gaming keyboard. It’s time to get serious about your own gaming. Make your games more intense by fully immersing yourself in the action.

Full support for Windows and Mac OS X operating systems means the keys are designed to work with any of these systems.

The corsair k55 rgb gaming keyboard combines on-screen direct programming with on-screen control. Put all your gaming keys in easy reach so you never have to take your eyes off the screen.

Use the full-function keys for extra macro and hotkey functions, and quickly find what you need with the on-screen map display. Take command of your computer in a variety of ways with the full function keys including:

For fast action, rely on the gamer switches for extra sensitivity. Capping the key will instantly switch to the next level of functionality.

Rich gaming experience starts when you push the right combination of hotkeys for quick action & special effects. The five levels of gamer switch gives you the flexibility to fully test your skills.

Make your next competitive shot feel like magic. Three additional macro keys let you cast spells, execute auto attacks, and even switch between player roles instantly.

Take command of your characters in intense 5v5 tournaments. Push the right combination of hotkeys for amazing healing and protection. Take on other players head to head. All the features found on the Corsair K55 RGB are yours at full customization.

The full function keys are responsive, durable, and overall a great value. Every major gaming brand makes high quality keyboards. Make sure that your keyboard is of the highest possible standard.

Choose from an extensive range of available materials including gold, bronze, and aluminum. Look for a durable keys and rubber bumper for added comfort. The K55 RGB gaming keyboard is a great choice for hardcore gamers.

Great features and a rich selection of games mean that any player can personalize their keyboard to work for them.

There are no limitations to what you can create or accomplish with the Corsair K55 RGB gaming keyboard. Whether you want to be fast and precise or build a team for ultimate teamwork, the over 50 different keys offer a variety of functional options.

Fully programmable with onboard software for advanced tweaking, the corsair k55 rgb gaming keyboard how to change colors can cater to your every need.

Get the ultimate level of performance and make your play count. Find out what your options are today with the newest gaming keyboard on the market. The K55 RGB is packed with features that will satisfy even the most demanding competitive gamer.

Take advantage of the convenience of preloaded software that gives you easy access to all of the functions of the keyboard. With quick installation and no need to install drivers, this keyboard is ready to go in seconds.

The K55 RGB gaming keyboard is designed to provide supreme comfort for long hours of intense gaming. Its aluminum frame and fully programmable keys keep you locked into place, making it perfect for tournament gaming. If you want the best, you got it.

Combine it with the K series of gaming mice for extra precision and enhanced mobility. Whether you’re on the hunt for a new kind of gaming experience or looking to replace your old keyboard, take advantage of the benefits of the K series from Corsair.

You’ve just got to feel it to believe it. When you sit down at your PC, the first thing that probably comes to mind is how nice it feels. With the corsair k55 rgb gaming keyboard how to change colors, that’s exactly what you’ll feel.

Massive keys and smooth-flowing surfaces make operating your keyboard a pleasure instead of a nuisance. The sound that comes out of it is also quite impressive and definitely something to think about.

All the above features work together to provide you with a keyboard capable of propelling you to victory. Getting one of these from Corsair is going to be one of the best investments you make.

Not only does it give you an incredible level of gaming comfort, but you get a keyboard with some pretty impressive technological features as well. Like the original K series, the RGB series features a macro facility that allows you to set up several key actions to execute in a split second.

Another unique feature on the keyboard is the built-in cooling fan. Like its more expensive sibling, the RGB Gaming Mouse, the new keyboard has been designed to run quietly while being cooled via 12 volts of power.

It features an aluminum plate that is heat resistant and has been designed specifically to make sure you can use the keyboard for hours on end without having to worry about overheating. This is important because the keyboard works hard and is generally used in situations where you need to be in total control of the actions of the computer.